Wealth Stewardship

Each one of us has access to three kinds of money and three kinds of capital.

How we perceive our cash flow in the context of our individual lives and our community determines our decisions and the impact we have with one another. Our willingness to enter into economic conversations and transactions with an aim to support arising initiatives are key to healthy community life.

Whether you are an individual or organization, we invite you to connect to have a free discovery session to see how you might best leverage assets, pay attention to the spiritual capital you are given, create a vessel to allow the capital to flow through and accelerate your conscious cash flow management in a collaborative community.

Eliah Rael

Eliah Rael: Anthroposophical Money Historian, Numismatist, and Spiritual Researcher

Eliah Rael offers his expertise as an entrepreneur who has handled millions of dollars in sales with his numismatic company (selling rare coins, gold, silver). Through life trials and initiation by fire he has learned to value sustainability in cash flow management, the importance of clear agreements in collaborative initiatives, and the importance of a cohered vision for community resource development. He brings his wealth of practical experience and the fruits of his study of the vast body of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual scientific work to each individual and/or community conversation. A particular emphasis and focus is Steiner’s lectures on World Economy.

If you are looking for more clarity on your life path, Eliah also offers biography consulting to help individuals gain a pulse on cash flow and their destiny tasks through biography work. He is able to view each biography against the backdrop of the evolution of humanity. Each individual recapitulates history in their unfolding soul stages.

Eliah’s  main focus has been is the evolutionary history of money and it’s impact on the development of consciousness. He holds “the big picture” of the changing role of money from an historical perspective and has a pulse on how to work with the current circumstances our lives. Through his expertise as a numismatist he offers strategies with numismatic coins as a sustainable store of value – which can be highly recommended in particular life circumstances – especially for deferred purchase capital such as college funds, retirement accounts, or capital in Foundations . When inflation ravaged Germany, Count Keyserlink held the wages of the workers on his biodyanmic farm in the tangible asset of rye so the value would be stable. Numismatic rare coins as a tangible form of value, highly liquid and have proven to outperform the stock market in conserving value. Rare coins are simply not being made anymore and at the same time the collector base in growing. The images on the coins over time also reveal the changing role of consciousness at the time they were struck. 

So if you have an interest in numismatics as a store of value or would like help with associative cash flow management in your own life or in community development feel free to give Eliah a call. He can help you see your biography and your cash flow in the context of evolutionary cycles of world-historical development.

Eliah offers a free 20 minutes discovery session so you can determine if you could benefit from some strategic planning and insights into intuitive cash flow management as you hone your wealth stewardship skills. Eliah is committed to support you to develop new economic skills to become worthy stewards of the resources we are blessed with on this beautiful planet. Suitable for both individuals and organizations.

Eliah looks forward to hearing from you!

Call today at 864-465-3404 to schedule a complementary 20 minute discovery session. Bst times are between 10 am and 9 pm EST. You may also email Eliah at eliahrael@gmail.com.

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