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  • The Social World as Mystery Center


    Harry Salman unveils the spiritual quest of Rudolf Steiner and the threefold social impulse behind the Refounding of the Anthroposophical Society. Through Harry’s soul, we can deepen our understanding of the open Mystery nature of Steiner’s threefold intention in the Refounding of the Society. Harry explores why the Society needed to be refounded, the role of Ita Wegman in its refounding, and the inability of the members to fully accept and embrace Steiner’s deed in the full light of consciousness. The Social World as Mystery Center provides insights and innovative ideas for anyone interested to learn more about how to awaken with one another in the Mystery Drama of our encounters.

    Harry describes practical and intimate soul skills that we can implement to awaken to our destiny connections through our social encounters.

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    Journal for Star Wisdom 2013

    $24.00 $19.00

    We highly recommend the Journal for Star Wisdom 2013. In it you will find a treasure house of articles the science and art of astrosophy. Many of the articles address the current cosmic gestures for this year. You will also receive a dated daily calendar with a commentary on the planetary, solar, and lunar influences on any given day. If you are looking to increase your understanding of current cosmic gestrues and events and gain some perspective of how to research the impact on your souls in everyday life, this book is an invaluable aid. Price is $24 + $3.99 shipping. Orders over $50 receive free shipping. See further description . . .

  • Divine Dialogue: A Path of Union and Communion with the Calendar of the Soul


    Divine Dialogue invites us to listen to an unfolding Threshold dialogue that can be heard within our attentive awakening hearts. The dialogue is available to each of us in the present moment, between past and future, between our soul and World Soul and between our I and the Creator I of the World.

    Rudolf Steiner’s Calendar of the Soul is one such Threshold dialogue. We will explore how the meditations within the Calendar can help us develop soul-capacities to midwife the birthing of our Spirit Self through the seasonal soul cycle of the year. Divine Dialogue: A Path of Union and Communion with the Calendar of the Soul is a 100-Year Celebratory Edition with many background Mystery stories, quotes, and spiritual research tools.

     $19.97 for Soft Cover Edition or $33.00 for Hard Cover Edition.

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  • Citizens of the Cosmos


    In her book, Citizens of the Cosmos, Beredene Jocelyn provides us with a soul map for our emerging stages of consciousness throughout our lives and how we take all that we have learned into the afterlife. This book is an invaluable aid for those who are willing to begin to develop the skills to view their life from the perspective of an imaginative life tableau. From this heightened vantage point, aims and intentions, karma and destiny, illnesses and breakthroughs begin to make sense in the larger scheme of human development. This book is an excellent companion for those working with the new Soul Calendar Journal or the Soul Calendar Messages.



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