Holy Nights 2012

Recording Now Available:

Birthing the Threefold Spirit of Anthroposophia

The original call took place Fri, Dec 28, 2012 3:00 to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)

World-Wide via Telephone

In Acknowledgement of:

The 100th Anniversary of the Original Founding of the Anthroposophical Society on Dec. 28th, 1912

The 100th Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Evolutionary Calendar of 1912

The Birth of the Spirit Child at Christmas and the Maturation to Spirit Self through the Holy Nights

The Christmas Conference as the Threefold Map to Cross the Gap from 2012 to 2023

(2023 is the 100 year anniversary of the Christmas Conference)


Mary Adams: Astrosopher, Teacher, Consultant  and active member of the Anthroposophical Society  devotes her attention to help us find a living relationship to Star and Soul Wisdom.

Patrick Kennedy is a Christian Community Preist, devoted member of the Anthroposophical Society, husband and soon to be father of two. Patrick serves to build co-creative community in the many circles he interacts with. He curretnly lives and works in the Washington DC area.

John McManus

John McManus: Speech and Movement trainer: who offers his support to help us  become more wakeful vessels for the Word

Vivianne Rael

Vivianne Rael: Events Coordinator at Fifth Stream aims to support us to develop new social skills and possibilities to deepen our threefold relationship to Anthroposophia in community life through the Holy Nights and throughout soul cycle of the year.

Eliah Rael

Eliah Rael: Anthroposophical Money Historian, Numismatist, and Spiritual Researcher and long time active member of the Society, shares a depth of insight to penetrate what is needed to implement the Threefold healing principals in the Society and in our lives.

Arthur Edwards

Arthur Edwards: Active member of the Anthroposophical Society in the UK, Editor of Associate! – an Associative Economic (AE) Newsletter, Teacher of AE, and Co-Administrator of the Centre for AE in London. Arthur holds the possibility for  us to step into a new economic paradigm based on the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Kathleen Wright

Kathleen Wright: Editor of the Sophia Sun Newsletter and Member of the Eastern Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America who devotedly helps us serve the being of Anthroposophia

Kathryn Rycroft

Kathryn is a social artist and therapist at Camphill Village in N. CA. We are grateful she has offered to share her healing voice as part of our event.

The Tele-Conference, Birthing the Threefold Spirit Child of Anthroposophia event is now concluded, but it is our intention which is underscored in the the quote below, that it will continue to unfold in spirit. We were blessed by many supportive souls who facilitated the call – including both presenters and listeners. The content was very rich. We hope the Spirit of the Call will come through the recording and touch the hearts of those who will listen later. We invite you to join us in carrying the imagination of the unfinished threefold deed of Rudolf Steiner to create a social vessel for Anthroposophia and to take steps with us to show Rudolf Steiner we understand what he was trying to do. You are welcome to download the article we prepared below. The recording of the call is available for $5.

Holy Nights 2012

A certain responsibility in the soul is involved when attention is directed to the Christmas Conference – the responsibility to make it a reality; otherwise it will withdraw from earthly existence. . . Whether the Christmas Conference will become effective in life depends upon whether its impulse continues. We brought the meeting to a formal conclusion, but actually this Christmas Conference should never close. It should continue perpetually in the life of the Anthroposophical Society . . . then it will have been much more than a festival week; it will be an impulse affecting the whole world and the destiny of human beings. 

-Rudolf Steiner, Karmic Relationships, Vol. 6

You are Invited! to a World-wide Telecall

Our Intention for this call is to:

Seek to gain a relationship to the current cosmic gesture of the starry world and a sense for what is coming towards us in 2013.

Deepen our understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s intentions for the Anthroposophical Society and it’s Refounding at the Christmas Conference.

Explore “what happened” to the threefold social body inaugarated by Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference after Rudolf Steiner crossed the Threshold.

Discover what we can do now to re-embrace the impulse of the Christmas Conference with three-fold activities in our communities during the Holy Nights and throughout the year.

Recognize the Christmas Conference as a Map to Cross the Gap between now and 2023 (the 100th year or 3 x 33.3 year anniversary of the Christmas Conference)

Activate our individual soul-calling inspired by the evolutionary event of Refounding the Mysteries during the Christmas Conference of 1923/24.

Envision the possibility for threefold initiative circles to help one another follow the “good star” of the being of Anthroposophia.

We welcome Your Participation to join a modest and earnest conversation that will begin this Holy Nights to explore our past, heal our present, and co-create our future – both individually and collaboratively as members and friends of the Anthroposophical Society and co-creative pioneers with Anthroposophia (the Divine Feminine Wisdom within and about us). We intend that this is the first annual virtual event to serve the social awakening to and realization of Rudolf Steiner’s intentions with the founding of the Christmas Conference Society as social vessel for Anthroposophia. We foresee that each year between 2012 and 2023 will be like a heart-beat gathering towards the 100 year anniversary of the Christmas Conference in 2023.

During the Holy Nights of 2012, we imagine a pivotal turning point and opening to allow us to become more wakeful about what is needed to serve the Spirit of our Times. Many pioneering souls around the world will gather on Dec. 22 to celebrate the birth of a new era and the close of a long age of spiritual darkness with the much talked about end of the Mayan Calendar.

As a prelude to our conversation we will look back over the last 133 (4 x 33.3) years to remember the breakthrough thoughts of Rudolf Steiner at age 18 while the spirits of darkness were cast to the earth at the beginning of the Michael Age. We will explore the 100 year anniversary of the Calendar of the Soul this year and how sensitive human souls now experience the labor pains of the birth of their newly emerging Spirit Child and the emerging Spirit Child of Anthropsophia. We will also commemorate the 3 x 33.3 year rhythm since the original founding of the Anthroposophical Society, Dec. 28, 1912 by looking back to embrace our karma as a Society and look forward to what is possible through collaborative efforts. Lastly all this will be shared in the context of the Christmas Conference that provides us with an ingenious social form that has yet to be replicated, yet has the potential to be an inspiring threefold prototype of a differentiated vessel for other initiatives.

This conversation will be facilitated via phone and is open to all members and friends of Anthroposophia who are willing to explore how we can co-create a coherent heart-felt community in the spirit of “Where two or more are gathered”.

It is our hope that through our initial conversation, our hearts will be warmed to come away with inspirations to begin local threefold initiative circles within new and existing groups and branches in the spirit of the closing of the Christmas Conference:

And so, my dear friends carry out into the world your warm hearts in which you have laid the Foundation Stone for the Anthroposophical Society; carry out into the world these warm hearts which promote strong, health-giving activity in the world. And help will be vouchsafed to you, enlightening your heads in what you would fain direct with single purpose. We will set about this with all possible strength.  – Rudolf Steiner, World History in the Light of Anthroposophy, Jan. 1, 1924

There is a small fee ($5) to help us cover expenses of the infrastructure required for us to be able to conduct both large group discussions and intimate small group sharings and conversations. Each person will be assigned an individual telephone pin number to access the conference call so it is important that you sign up in advance so we can pre-order the appropriate number of lines. The earlier the better! So everyone can be accounted for!

Personal Support and Preparation

The best preparation we can offer you is the article we have written specifically for this event.  You can download the article on the link immediately below.


The link also appears further down on the page just above where it says , Sign Up Early! We suggest that you read the article first and if you would like to explore the topics of the article further for your own interest we recommend the following:

  • The Christmas Conference for the Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society 1923/24by Rudolf Steiner
  • The Economic Testament by Christopher Houghton Budd
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Intentions for the Anthroposophical Society: The Executive Council, the School for Spiritual Science, and the Sections by Peter Selg
  • The Fundamental Social Law: Rudolf Steiner on the Work of the Individual and the Spirit of Community by Peter Selg
  • The Social World as Mystery Center: The Social Vision of Anthroposophy by Harry Salman
  • Follow Your Guiding Star with The Calendar of the Soul: Deepening Perspectives and Practices to Birth Your Spirit Self through the Seasons of the Soul by Vivianne and Eliah Rael. (Follow Your Guiding Star is a 100th year edition of the Calendar of the Soul verses with deepening practices and perspectives. It is available now for pre-order here. The book is scheduled to emerge right around Christmas of this year.)

Prepare to Share Your Co-Creative Aims

At our gathering, you will have an opportunity to join a small group and:

  • Share who you are
  • What you are involved in creating or want to create inspired by your
    relationship to Anthroposophia
  • What you need in the form of support to fulfill your creative aims
  • What you are willing to give

Join Us

We have a window of opportunity now. With the political and environmental climate we don’t know how long that window will be open. We invite you to join us to make the best of the time we have while we are free to explore together during the most spiritually potent time of the year. Evidence has proven that a small group of souls coming into heart-felt coherence with a common intention can begin to bring order to chaos and help elicit an evolutionary re-organizing leap. Research shows that our hearts can reach around the world to one another!

Call Facilitators:

Mary Adams will offer her perceptions of the current planetary and starry gestures and its influence our striving at this pivotal point in time. She will also speak to us about what she sees coming towards us in 2013.

Patrick Kennedy will share his research regarding the original founding of the Anthroposophical Society on Dec. 28th, 1912 – 100 years previous to the date of our call. He will share the context, mood and intentions of the founding to help us re-connect with our origins as a spiritual Movement.

John McManus will help us expand our souls to create a respected shared space between us as we listen and speak to one another from a distance.

Vivianne Rael will share insights and inspirations, hopes and concerns as she encourages us to implement practical threefold Holy Nights activities in our communities inspired by the deeds of Rudolf Steiner at the Christmas Conference.

Eliah Rael will share his research on the deeds surrounding the Christmas Conference as an event that can continually inspire us to create and deepen our social vessel for the threefold spirit child of Anthroposophia – particularily during the Holy Nights of Christmas

Arthur Edwards will speak to the threefolding of the Society at the Christmas Conference as an archetypal form and the significance of the formation of the School of Spiritual Science with its Sections which was intended as a spiritual oasis of research that can help us to meet the crises of our time.

Kathleen Wright will help us stay on topic with her attentive questions and aim for healing of past, present and future. She will also share insights from her research regarding the individuality of Ita Wegman and her karma with the Anthroposophical Society.

Kathryn Rycroft will share her beautfiul voice in a co-creative rendering of verses with John McMannus.

Overall we will explore how the guiding star of the Christmas Conference and the formation of the Michael School was intended to be an “impulse affecting the whole world and the destiny of human beings.” Have we lived up to Rudolf Steiner’s intentions for our Movement? What is being asked of us between now and 2023 which will be the 100th (3 x 33.3 year) anniversary of the refounding of the Anthroposophical Society at the Christmas Conference during the Holy Nights of 1923/24.

We sense the emergence of a new social conscience where we can begin to look objectively at the invisible Community Spirit that weaves among us and begin to see and address our karma and our responsibility as a Movement in service to Anthroposophia.

We hope you will join us at this commemorative moment in time.

Please feel free to download the article below 

which we have prepared in anticipation of this event. 

If it inspires you, we would be grateful if you’d help us spread the word and share

with friends and working colleagues where appropriate.

We hope to encourage a diverse cosmopolitan community !


Preparatory Article for our Call:

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